KYD Hats are back for a limited time!
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The KYD Hats are gone for now...

We offer KYD Hats once per year so we can pack and ship ourselves. They are not available now, but hop on our email list for updates on when they are coming back.


Watch Video for Important Information!

1. When do the hats ship?

2. How do they fit? 

3. Getting your confirmation email

4. Toys For Tots donation

5. Email questions to


When Does Your KYD Hat Ship?

KYD Supports Toys For Tots!

Pictures from #KeepYourDaydream

WARNING: Side effects of the KYD Hat may include smiling, happiness, laughing, making new friends, exploring and looking for new adventures. Oh, it also helps with reduced sun exposure and messy hair. Ask Marc & Trish if the KYD Hat is right for you.